Innovation in data centers and energy consumption make it different from others. Thousand of companies, when starting their business, face many green data center barriers.

Noise is One of Green Data Barriers

In this modern era, business success only depends on data centers. For the past few decades, the green data center, also called green technologies, has gained huge popularity among business models.

Green data centers start emerging more when the entire data center construction, including electrical, lighting, mechanical, electrical, construction, and IT-based equipment constructed. The aim is to ensure maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

Various technologies such as Google, Facebook, and Apple are the few leading companies widely using green technology to power their data center. Undoubtedly, green data centers have gained massive popularity in data center market growth.

Besides regulation, energy resources, and other things on the green data center barrier, noise is something you must overcome in a data center.

Noise Control Problem

One of the major green data center barriers is noise control. Data is stored in huge amounts. But sometimes, it faces an issue with noise control. Every processor has some equipment like the fan and hard disc arrays.

In between these, the fan exists. The data centers depend on powerful chillers, backup generators, and HVAC installations. They are placed outside the main building and run 24/7, just like our global data needs.

The data center designs are complex. The air conditioning units inside the data center will contain a large amount of data. Its purpose is to cool the server. However, the air conditioner produces a heavy noise because of the fan and compressor.

Many data center managers contacted with E-Noise Control for assistance assessing the noise level. But after concerning with other international data center managers, they finalize to lower the noise at the property line.

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Step to Control Noise Problem

The first step to eliminating the noise control problem is to take the sound level reading. By doing this, we can confirm the decibel levels near the HVAC equipment and bring it to the proper line. They guarantee the level to elevate, and noise is recommended to install a sound absorptive barrier wall.

Benefits of Data Center Noise Control

Have a look at the following benefits of controlling noise. The full detailed benefits are mentioned below.

  • The noise control will protect the health and hearing of employees
  • Adhere To Local Authority Noise Standards
  • Important to Maintain Positive Relationships With Neighbors
  • Anti Vibration Mounts and Mats

Internal Acoustic Products & Services

In green data center market growth, there are many ways to reduce the noise by using cooling technologies. If you want to reduce noise from the external cooling system, applying an enclosure solution that incorporates blocking, dissipation, and noise pollution is mandatory.

Such kind of solution provides relief for the employees working internally. When facing any issue related to the data center, some well-known companies prefer IT solutions first, and the acoustic solution is their second option. Every time prioritize IT is not solving all your problems. For green data center barrier removal, you also need absorbent material, which reduces the noise.

Sometimes, we use an enclosure system in case of green data center barriers. This enclosure system consists of specific equipment like a room and the entire building. One great benefit of the enclosure system is that they prevent noise. An enclosure wall contains absorptive material. This enclosure will improve sound quality and reduces noise as well.

Interior products like windows and absorptive panels reduce noise. The doors and windows serve as sound barriers. The absorbent panel lessens the echo and reverberation. Its primary role is to improve the sound quality and absorb sound, preventing it from reflecting into the space and getting louder.

External Acoustic Products & Services

In data centers, the major noise source is energy generators and HVAC equipment. This exterior system depends on space. However, the noise sources are significantly low in size.

Everyone knows that generators contain huge noise not only in offices or organizations but also in data centers. In short, they disturb the neighbors.

As generators are noisy, so they find a wide range of frequencies. To overcome the green data center barriers, they use curtain panels and metal panels as noise barriers.

Green Data Center Market Growth

Due to the terrifying condition of COVID-19, the green data center market growth is increasing rapidly. The main reason behind this is energy efficiency. However, 5G and edge IT technologies play a significant role in company development.

Digital and innovative technologies can offer the best green solutions to different sectors of the economy. Well-known organizations and enterprises try their best to save operating costs and reduce energy consumption.

Once the company invests heavily in a green data center, it will get positive results. This data center is specially designed for the company’s data safety. So the companies will have to build a green data center to keep their system safe and cool.

These green data centers’ success depends on their latency instead of bigger rivals. It will also hinge on extra fast and reliable data connections between several provincial cities.


We have briefly described the green data center barriers. One of the major issue which everyone face in the data center is noise pollution—no matter whether your data center works efficiently. But if the noise issue is detected, they will have to resolve it by following the abovementioned points.

We try our best to share authentic information regarding noise pollution in the green data center. If you are facing this issue, it is mandatory to recommend that the data center is not used IT technologies to resolve their issue every time.

Sometimes, you have to adopt acoustic engineering for a solution. For the business model, it is crucial to improve the noise pollution for green data center market growth.

Those who want to adopt greenery will have to pay attention to these sectors. Understanding your data center problem is your foremost duty. Take your steps forward and check the strategy.

Go and apply this valuable method to get rid of noise pollution. In case of any questions, feel easy to contact us or visit our website regularly.

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