A green data center consultant brings a fresh perspective to the data center industry, which its routine can bog down. They can offer alternative ideas about how to run a data center more efficiently and economically. These alternative ideas are what make a company’s data center green.

It’s not just about the racks and gear but about the business that generates the rack, equipment, and energy needed to run them. To keep up with what’s changing in the industry and provide our customers with accurate information, we’ve teamed up with a local green consultant to give us an alternative viewpoint on things like power use and cooling.

We need to break our dependence on fossil fuels.

Data centers are a significant contributor to global warming. Their ever-increasing energy needs also put pressure on the electricity grid and threaten reliability. This trend is unsustainable and must be broken for the sake of our planet.

Green computing is the foundation for sustainable enterprise. With increasing regulatory pressure and the rise of social media, organizations are being pushed to be more environmentally conscious. These new initiatives require an infrastructure that is more efficient than traditional technologies and has a smaller carbon footprint.

Data center energy efficiency is essential as the world moves to make computing more accessible to everyone. And this is all while we continue to move further and further away from our dependence on fossil fuels. The University of Berkeley has been working on carbon emission reduction solutions and has made significant progress so far. One of their best solutions is their “Cooling Without Power” paper, which discusses ways we can reduce the energy consumption of traditional air conditioning by using more efficient air conditioning units and fans.

Green data center consultants bring can more perspective

Green data center consultants will tell you some basic ways to make your data center a lot more efficient. Data centers are essential to any company’s infrastructure, so it’s no wonder that some companies are choosing to focus on making their data centers as sustainable as possible.

Green consulting firms typically focus on helping clients reduce their carbon footprint and energy usage in their data centers. There are two main types of companies that help people make their data centers greener IT companies and green consulting firms. IT companies provide software and hardware for data center monitoring and the expertise needed to ensure they are used correctly. This is what makes their clients’ data centers greener.

These consultants can look at data centers on an ecosystem level and make recommendations about everything from energy efficiency to resource conservation. They will provide a sense of what’s realistic for your particular business and help you find easy, affordable, and effective improvement areas.

If you’re hiring a consultant, look for more experience.

The data center industry is unique in its level of specialization and its ability to evolve at such a rapid rate. In the past few years, the world has become aware of the environmental impact of computer equipment and data centers.

Many companies have begun reformulating their energy usage and adopting energy-saving features such as LED lighting to save money and reduce data center carbon footprint. The rush to cut costs and go green has made the green data center industry more popular.

There are plenty of data center consultants who specialize in eco-friendly solutions—but plenty who don’t have any experience.

There are so many aspects to consider when looking at things like cooling and power consumption, both of which are critical components to the operation and maintenance of a modern data center. You can’t possibly know everything about every single aspect all at once; it takes time to get up to speed on these kinds of things, and that’s where consulting services can come in handy.

If you’re going to hire a consultant, make sure that you’re getting someone who has done this before and has more experience than what you might be able to find online. Many people have blogs about green data centers, but working with them on your project will likely not give you the results or the satisfaction you want.

You’ll also want to consider their specific qualifications:

  • Do they have the necessary certifications and licenses?
  • Do they have experience working with your exact type of equipment?
  • Have they been in business long enough to prove their reliability?

And ask any questions necessary based on your needs.

Every data centers need the plan to go green.

To reduce carbon footprint, every data centers in the world need to transform into a green data center. Planning to go green requires an organized approach that includes planning, execution, and maintenance as crucial aspects. Planning should include choosing the right location so that there are fewer commuting costs and more local opportunities for efficiency measures.

The building must be constructed according to LEED standards to withstand the stress of constant operations without compromising its environmental friendliness. The design of the building should:

  • Incorporate natural ventilation,
  • Natural lighting,
  • High-efficiency HVAC systems
  • Include a central chiller plant for cooling, eliminating the need for individual chillers in each data center, thus reducing the energy required for cooling from 40% to 90%.

Green data center construction will become more critical because it can save the environment. It will give a better future for all people. If we don’t care for the environment, all living things will die, including us.


With the awareness of rising energy costs, many data centers have begun transitioning to “Go Green” practices. What does this mean for data center operators and IT managers? In effect, the goal is to reduce the amount of electricity used for cooling data center equipment by optimizing the efficiency of the air-conditioning unit.

If your company is still struggling with its green initiatives or has yet to start any, you should consider hiring a data center consultant. It will be time well spent—not only will your business be more environmentally friendly and efficient, but it may also save money in the long run.

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