In the world, organizations face a significant problem. The data center will no longer provide the best method of consuming high energy levels. They do not make a considerable effort to protect the environment. This is the only reason that all organization faces a global challenge. Now, consumers, especially Amazon consumers, move towards cloud services daily. After the green data center innovation, the data centers now transform into green data centers. Increasingly, data centers are going green by leveraging alternative energy sources, all to optimize energy performance and reduce environmental impact.

Green Data Center Innovations

We have enlisted innovation in green data centers worldwide, ensuring power effectiveness.


Microsoft has developed an underwater data center that uses submarine technology to deliver lightning-quick cloud services to coastal cities. This data center is reliable, flexible, and uses energy sustainability. The Green data center architecture inside the water is environmentally and economically practical. Its sustainability benefits include eliminating the need to use replacement parts. All servers swap in a lights-out data center about every five years. The high-reliability rate of the servers means that only a few fail early and are taken offline.

2-Apple’s North Carolina Data Center

Another best green data center innovation is Apple’s data center in North Carolina. It combines two 100-acre solar farms with multiple fuel-cell electricity generators. They use the biogas from nearby landfills. The Apple company specially designed this to promote green energy. The outer structure of the data center is made up of strips of terra cotta paneling with three shades of red, giving it a feeling of a desert lodge. The air-cooled facility of the data center is relatively quiet.

Green Data Center Architecture

If we talk about green data center architecture that it is a physical and logical interface of the resources and equipment within a data center facility.

In this digitalization world, the green data center has become the heart of the IT-driven economy. Data center operators now work carefully on its design and optimization. Their primary purpose is to reduce large-scale energy consumption. The green data center architecture and operations are a source of competitive advantage.

Cloud computing services have become a significant need of every organization as they fulfill the requirement of thousands of computing, storage, and networking devices needs. The computing services need high energy for running IT pieces of equipment. Thus, they are trying to improve resource utilization and power consumption, which is the main challenge of migration and turning on and off the server.

The green data center architecture work step by step and provides an architectural concept in the development phase. Its primary function is to specify the physical and logical layout of the resources and equipment within a data center facility. They also explain how these devices interconnect and analytical and physical security workflows are arranged. Typically, the data center consists of the following architecture.

  • Data center security architecture
  • Data center physical architecture
  • Data center network architecture
  • Data center computing architecture
  • Data center information architecture

Data Center Best Practices

The green data center architecture is a source of competitive advantage for companies. It promotes the use of renewable energy and reduces the carbon footprint in the long run. Many companies have adopted the concept of green data centers, which eventually led to the emergence of many different types of sustainable data center management practices.

The popularity of green data centers has grown rapidly over the last few years due to the growing concern among consumers about environmental issues.

Companies are now investing in implementing eco-friendly technologies in their data centers to serve their customers better. Data center professionals are developing new ways of improving energy efficiency, reducing waste, and using renewable energy sources.

For properly delivering data center services on the web on a large scale, it is vital to maintain the various network point of POP (Point of Presence). We have shared the simple and efficient design choices that everyone can apply to small and large data centers to improve the facility’s efficiency. Once you save energy, it will reduce the environmental impact and lead to significant financial savings. For data center operators, we have enlisted the five best practices.

1-Measure Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

You can characterize the data center energy by measuring the energy use. For measuring, we use the PUE – Power Usage Effectiveness – which mainly help to reduce the energy used for non-computing equipment, like cooling and power distribution. For better PUE use, it is important to measure often. It’s even more important to capture energy data over the entire year. 

 The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is the other factor of data center energy on a large scale. In this era, the UPS was specially designed and comprised a double battery inside and a double-conversion design. This process means that the incoming alternating (AC) power is rectified to direct current (DC), which charges the batteries. Because of this, they converted back to AC through an inverter. 

2-Manage Airflow

Another efficient data center operation is Good airflow management. It starts by minimizing mixing hot and cold air by using well-designed containment. They use a blanking panel to ensure the elimination of hot spots. The data center cooling counts for half of the total data center energy consumption. Because of this, it becomes mandatory to optimize the Airflow to improve energy efficiency. Most people have no idea of bypassing knowledge and have enlisted the solutions to optimize your data center for better efficiency and productivity.

  • Placement of Cooling Unit
  • Monitor Airflow/Temperature
  • Perforated tile placement

3-Use Cooling System

The data center will become crucial when it becomes overheated. Thus, green data center cooling must remain safe to protect your data center from significant losses. Companies must apply various energy-efficient techniques to make the environment cooler and reduce energy costs. Hence, this would be only possible if companies used specialized power and cooling system. If the data center size is more extensive, then they require more energy. We have enlisted the special techniques everyone must follow to get off the overheating issue. 


From this discussion, it is proved that half of the organization now moved towards a greener world. After viewing the green data center architecture history, they understood its importance and decided to go with green data center for a long-lasting and successful business.

Once who have no concept of green data centers should read this article. We try our best to share the possible information regarding the green data center architecture. Hopefully, the abovementioned points will clear your doubts. Once you follow the abovementioned steps, you will resolve your issue. We make possible efforts to clear your mind’s confusion, but if you still have any queries, feel free to comment. We love to answer your problems.

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